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Welcome To Our Family History & Genealogy Web Site!

We welcome all comments, suggestions, additions, and corrections. All help will be greatly appreciated! I am a 9th generation Reinders, and my wife Sandra is currently a 7th generation Murray. Our family has roots in many countries, as you can see from the flags above.  A labour of love, and a work in progress.

Welkom tot onze Familie Historie en Genealogie Web Site!

The Reinders family of Nova Scotia originated from Hoogeveen & Zuidwolde in the province of Drenthe, in the Netherlands (Holland). We emigrated to Nova Scotia in July of 1954, onboard the ship "Groote Beer". This tree also includes the family lines of the Zanting, Murray and Browne families.

All Trunks, Branches & Twigs of our family.  Reinders Family Tree  Updated, Apr 23 2007

The database now has more than 2,136 individuals and 707 marriages - We hope to be able to upload the new web pages in the very near furure - We will keep you posted of our progress.

Origins of Family Names  The Reinders of Arrien, in Northern Overijssel.
Meaning of Names

Filte chon a' Moireach clann agus teaghlach dhachaigh taobh-duilleig!
If someone has a better Gaelic translation for the above, please let us know.

The Murray Family - Tracing the footsteps of Walter Murray, who emigrated from Sutherlandshire, Scotland aboard the ship "Hector", and who landed at Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1773. It is hoped that someday this family tree will also include Walter's Scottish ancestors and of course all of his descendants.

Recently added families, Brown(e)/Orr and McHarrie/Adams from Wigtownshire, Scotland. Also, have just discovered that George Brown's parents were born in Donaghadee, Ireland. Updated information has also been added for the Hand family from Little Drayton, Shropshire, England.

Updated, Apr 23 2007  Murray Family Tree  Includes my wife's family on her mother's side.

Just a bit of the Murray history. Walter Murray 1773

Our Forum: http://our-family-history.org/discussion/  We hope that this forum will become a focal point for our family website. A place where you will be able to discuss your family tree, genealogy in general, a place to share resources, which programs you use - which you find the best, keep in touch with relatives, or maybe you could use some help finding a lost ancestor here in Nova Scotia...

Our Photo Gallery: www.our-family-history.org/gallery/  A place to store and view photographs of your ancestors, family and a central location to share files with members of the Murray and Reinders family. Registration is required to view images on the site, or to upload files. This has become necessary due to the high number of spammers posting comments on the site.

Murray Family Genealogy - Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/murray-family-genealogy?hl=en
A discussion group started by Murray Warner back in 2006; now with a total of 26 members, most of whom are descendants of Walter Murray, in one way, shape or another.

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Our Resources Page now includes links to census sites, ancestry sites, family sites and other sources recently found. If you have a personal website, or have found one that you think should be here, please let me know.

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My 50th Birthday, 7 Years ago Now! - Some childhood pictures, brings back memories. Pictures were taken in either Hoogeveen or Zuidewolde, Netherlands. To be honest I don't really remember too many of them...

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If You Get A Chance Visit Dad's WebSite, there is lots for you to see, and lots of music for you to listen to. Please take amoment to visit all of the pages on his site. Songs of Praise & Worship

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